I Like Big…

I like big boxes, for radios that is. Over the last year or so I have been going portable on a regular basis. During that time I have had a good opportunity to see how I actually operate and enjoy my adventures. I was a little bit surprised. I had thought I was going to do QRP with little radios. I did some of that but what I found was I had a penchant for big box radios operating at what I call QROp or low power usually around 20-35 watts. I also found that I did a lot of FT8. Over the past year band conditions were not good and sometimes, FT8 was the only way to make contacts. I also discovered that I like to chase DX when operating portable. That is my kind of fun. In addition to that, I have a hand (or a foot) in EmComm and support a couple of different organizations.

Why I like big boxes. The first reason is I can run FT8 all day and all night at 35+ watts and the radio doesn’t even get warm. I have done that with both the FTDX10 and the IC-7300. The audio is better on big radios (the exception might be the IC-705). There are more and often bigger controls on a big box radio. The obvious advantage is I can crank up the power when I need it. Even then it is usually no more than 65 watts.

I have 3 QRP radios: IC-705, TX-500, and the TR-45L; all premium radios all great for what they do; all mostly stay at home in a box. I decided to sell two of them, the TX-500 and the TR-45L. They deserve a better home, someone who will give them a proper exercise now and again.

The TR-45L (fat) has the built-in battery and will sell for $580 shipped. The TR-500 will sell for $850 shipped. All sales final. See photos and video below. THE TX-500 IS SOLD.

What is next. Proceeds will probably be for another big box field radio. The IC-7300 is my main field radio and the FTDX10 has joined the home team. The FTDX10 really shines in the home shack. I use mainly for causal CW for things like POTA. I may be interested in another IC-7300, or a FT-710. I might even go for a FT-891 since that is a popular radio. Who knows what I might find out there that tickles my fancy. Like the FTDX10, what ever I get will have a long term review done. I will post the for sale here for a day or two before I put them up on QTH.com. 73 — Scott

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