Syncing Computer Time

Digital modes have become a mainstay for Amateur Radio. Digital modes are used for conversations, chasing DX, POTA and SOTA, and for EmComm. Indeed we have come a long way even from the turn of the century. Some of these new modes require accurate time synchronization between the receiving and transmitting radios. Off by more than a second or two and the machines will fail to communicate. While operating from home or anywhere else where the internet is available, syncing time is easy-peasy. But what about those times when the internet and even cell service are not available? The easiest way I have discovered is to use the time signal from GPS satellites. It’s pretty easy and the cost is minimal. All you need is a USB GPS dongle like this one:

These can be found on Amazon for about $13.
Next, you’ll need a piece of software that will take the GPS signal, and adjust the computer clock. The one that works the best for me is BKT Time:

For those that have Icom radios, You can also sync your radios date and time to your computer using an app called ST-4003W which can be found here:

The whole process is pretty easy. I’ve included a short YouTube Video to help you along the way.

Just remember, I am not a great videographer, but the video will give the nuts and bolts on how to sync time. 73 – Scott

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