Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. Here you can find some of my adventures in amateur radio. I like to operate from home as well as in the field. I have developed a renewed interest in CW which I have come to enjoy immensely. I also like to putter around and make things for my hobbies. Most of my stuff is made with hand tools found in the average home and none of it is commercial or furniture-grade quality. Sometimes I try things as a “proof of concept”; however, if it works okay — well okay, I use it. Stop by, and enjoy the website. Nothing here is monetized. I share my stuff in hopes of spurring readers into action with their own ideas. I go under the premise “If I can do it, so can you.” If you’re a ham, I hope to hear you on the air and if not, I will tell you this has been a wonderful hobby and service for 25+ years. 73 – Scott.

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